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What I found out about Sonic 4...

2011-12-24 10:05:48 by DuskTheHedgehog

Jun Senoue, you let me down... Ya see, he was originally going to use original Genesis/Mega Drive instruments, but obviously THAT didn't happen. His excuse was that he couldn't dig up some ancient computer to make the sounds.

Okay, 1. Hasn't he ever heard of an emulator of any sort? Genesis or otherwise? Heck, didn't Sega make a Genesis emulator that runs on Saturn, Dreamcast, Gamecube, PS2, Xbox, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, GBA, DS... well, you get the idea...

And 2. If you try to Google "Mega Drive Soundfont", you will get a site that features just that. Hey, if Sega and Sonic Team can use a picture of Sonia Hedgehog from DeviantArt, then why the heck not, man?

On that note, I hope everyone likes my newest post, Mad Gear Act 1 (insert drum roll, please...)
MEGADRIVEN! Yes, you saw it here first, folks! This will be only the beginning of a long series of songs I plan to post. Why? Because, pretty much every Sonic song ever written, especially by Mr. Senoue, can be emulated extremely well with Mega Drive synth instruments.

Have fun with Sonic Generations, and, of course, Sonic 4 (Yeah... Yay... Sonic 4... fun...?)!


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2011-12-24 11:02:45

What does any of that have to do with Sonic 4?

DuskTheHedgehog responds:

Jun Senoue planned on using the original instruments from the Genesis in the music for Sonic 4, as he stated in an interview shortly after the game was released, dude. If he knew what an emulator was, he could have emulated the Genesis sound chip instead of attempting to find an Amiga series computer to mimic the chip. A soundfont would accomplish the same thing.

My remix, however, uses a Genesis soundfont. Sort of like what could have been, but hey, I'm not a pro yet lol!

PS (I'm joking about Mr. Senoue not knowing what an emulator is... I hope :) )